By Year

Music grouped by completion year and arranged in reverse chronological order, with the most recent pieces listed first. Piece titles link to their specific pages, which includes more detailed notes, scores, recordings, and performance history. Entries with an available recording are noted as such.

== 2014 ==

Still life in last night’s leftovers

for: soprano, mezzo-soprano, oboe, clarinet in Bb (+bass), contrabass, piano
duration: 10’30″


Remarks from an Oratory Address

for: voice, 4-channel live electronics (max patch)
duration: 6’00″


Dear Mr. Thomas Wentworth Higginson

for: soprano, piano
duration: 5’00″



== 2013 ==

A second chandelier falls through clouded sulfur skies

for: Pierrot ensemble – flute, clarinet in Bb (+bass), violin, cello, piano, percussion
duration: 11’00″
recording available



for: 2-channel fixed media
duration: 4’00″
recording available


all they

for: soprano, clarinet in Bb (+bass)
duration: 4’00″



== 2012 ==

They Built A Lighthouse

for: violin, trumpet (x2), trombone, bari sax (+tenor), electric guitar, electric bass, percussion, piano, drumset
duration: 9’00″


Quackers Gets The Cone

for: soprano, piano
duration: 4’00″


May Include Metric Modulation (this is an allergy warning)

for: oboe, violin, cello, piano
duration: 5’00″



== 2011 ==


for: viola
duration: 11’00″



for: soprano, clarinet in Bb, marimba (4.5), piano
duration: 8’00″



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